The steely Vogue editor and chairman of the annual Met Gala joined Sarah Jessica Parker on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss the tribulations of fashion biggest night of the year. 

The Queen of fashion confided:

« The worst is the people who you’ve never met before that want to hug you »

During the show AW and SJP (if you know fashion you know those initials) have played the role of Fashion Police for the Met Gala. « I had no idea how much panic this would make the men of New York, and all of the world, think about their outfits, » Anna Wintour says of the 2014 Met Ball dress code, ‘White Tie and Decorations’. This dress code seemed to confuse a lot of people, especially the men who were invited to the event.

MET Anna Wintour M la ModeLast week the First lady of fashion Anna Wintour gets teary as First Lady Michelle Obama honors her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
. Michelle Obama declared at the opening of Anna Wintour Costume Center

« Fashion is a business and an art. You’re here because we want you to dream bigger.”

The museum’s collection of more than 35,000 costumes and accessories, sourced from five continents and dating back to the 16th century. 

The inaugural exibition dedicate to master couturier Charles James who is considered as one of the greatest American designers, renowned for dresses that sculpt and perfect the female form.


More informations about « Charles James: beyond fashion » on NY TimesWhere elegance meets eros 

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